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Your initial visit will include a thorough medical consultation with the doctor lasting approximately 60 minutes. During this visit, the doctor will determine the most appropriate course of action based on your personal and unique history and current concerns. Every person is different, and therefore, each individual plan can vary. 

Due to our waiting list for appointments, there is a 48 hours cancellation policy for appointments. If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify us by phone, message, or email at least 48 hours ahead of appointment time so that we may fill your spot with someone on the waiting list. You will be asked to give a credit card at the time of appointment to hold your appointment time. 


Please be familiar with the location of our office to allow for proper travel time. We make a strong effort to always run on schedule and appreciate your willingness to assist us in staying on time. As long as all of your paperwork has been completed and submitted 48 hours ahead of time, we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time so that we can check you in, gather any additional information and collect your fee. If we ever anticipate a delay in your appointment time, we will always do you the courtesy of calling you to notify you.


Our office accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
At this time, we do not accept checks as a form of payment. 
When you schedule your initial appointment, we request a credit card on file to hold the appointment for you. No charges will be applied to your credit card unless you miss or cancel an appointment without proper notice. On the day of your scheduled appointment, your credit card will be charged for the initial consultation fee. Any other recommended therapies, labs, etc will be discussed and approved by you prior to charging. Payment is due the day of service. 

Follow-up consultations will be billed to your credit card on file in our office or you can provide alternative payment at the time of service.


We made a choice when we opened this practice, to spend our time focusing on you, the patient, rather than sitting on the phone with insurance companies. Due to our philosophy of focusing on your care, The Active Practice does not accept insurance or Medicare and we cannot assure you that our services will be reimbursed.
We are happy to provide you with a superbill containing procedure and diagnosis codes for you to submit for reimbursement on your own. We do not participate in any communication with your insurance company in regards to completing your claim. Copies of all bills and purchases are within your patient portal, for your convenience.
In many cases, lab work can be billed via major insurance carriers. We cannot guarantee coverage and it is your responsibility to assure benefits prior to the collection of sample. We are not responsible for insurance denials as we do not participate in the billing of lab tests. Any concerns should be directed to the lab and the insurance company. 

Attention Medicare and Medicaid Patients: Naturopathic Doctors are not covered under any Medicare plan regardless of the lab used. The costs consultations or lab work will be out of pocket. Please avoid large lab bills by notifiying us if you carry these plans, this includes secondary medicare plans.


Our office hours are Monday 9am-1pm and Tuesday - Thursday from 8am-4pm. We take lunch from 12-1pm. Being located in Arizona, we do not observe Daylight Savings time. Please note that, depending on the time of year, we fall in either the Pacific or Mountain Standard Time. 

Our phone number is 623-258-4453
You can also contact us via the patient portal. All inquires will be responded to during our business hours.


Call 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room or urgent care. We do not have a doctor on call outside of office hours and our office is not equipped with emergency/acute equipment.

If you call our office after hours with a non-urgent matter, please leave a message and our staff will return your call the next business day. (Mon-Thurs). Please leave your full name, brief reason for call, best time to reach you, and your phone number.


For Medication refills, please allow 2-3 business days for processing. Plan ahead so you don't run out! 

Please verify with your pharmacy that there are no further refills already authorized prior to request. 
Please relay the medication, dosage, pharmacy name phone number and address, quantity requested (30, 60 , 90 day supply?). 

For supplement refills, we are currently in process of building an online store! Check back regularly.

If you would prefer to pick up at the office, please contact us at office and allow 1 week to process. Our office will pull your order for you and hold it up front. They will call to verify that everything is in stock and advise when you can pick up (Tues-Thurs only).

Can’t find the answer to your question? Give us a call or send us a message in the patient portal!

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If you need assistance in entering the portal, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

For an general online tutorial on how to set up and use your portal, please click here


Already have a Charm account from another provider or family member? 

Make sure to formally "log out" of charm in browser before attempting to combine accounts from your email link. 

(if you just "close" the browser, you are not "logged out")

You can also accomplish this by using another browser or clearing cookies to set up. 

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